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A World Gone Mad

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Kingston, ON Sat. Oct 22 - 2:00 PM A World Gone Mad
London, ON Sat. Oct 22 - 2:00 PM A World Gone Mad

A World Gone Mad

Does it seem like the world has gone mad? One symptom of madness is being disconnected to reality. That can describe the whole mindset of postmodernism, which teaches that truth is a construction, not a discovery; a function of will, not the intellect; a matter of political power, not a rational inquiry. Dr. Gene Veith, Professor, Patrick Henry College The World Has Gone Mad,Cranach, October 2021.

How do we maintain our sanity and hope when social order seems to be imploding all around us?

In any storm, a ship needs to have a solid anchorage in order to keep it from being driven to shore and destroyed. We today are in a storm as a wind of popular culture blows society away from calm and stable waters onto the surf-covered reefs of cancel culture and social deconstructionism.

The best anchor we can have is TRUTH, base on that which is provable and readily observed reality. That reality affords much evidence that we are the product of an extraordinary Intelligence, possessed by a Being who exudes artistry, inventiveness, love, and joy of life. The creation provides physical evidence of a Creator, who has also caused a text to be produced explaining not just the cause of life, but also the source of human consciousness and the purpose of man's existence. It affords mankind direction to a happier life and also reveals future events more glorious than humans could imagine.

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