About Tomorrow's World

Polls show that, year by year, fewer Canadians are identifying as Christian, while more are saying they have no religion. The writers, presenters, web developers, and others associated with Tomorrow’s World are striving to work diligently against that trend, dedicating their lives to preaching the true Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God, and warning the world of the tribulation that will come soon before Jesus Christ returns to establish His Kingdom. With workers and co-workers in nations around the world, Tomorrow’s World strives to tell the inspiring truth about God’s Word, and to deliver the sobering truth about humanity’s desperate need for a Savior.

In Canada, Tomorrow’s World produces a series of occasional short-subject videos and a weekly half-hour that airs on cable, satellite, and broadcast television stations across Canada. The telecast is also available on the web at www.TomorrowsWorld.ca.

The Canadian edition of the Tomorrow’s World telecast features Canadian citizens Gerald Weston, Stuart Wachowicz, and Mike Heykoop. They are joined on occasion by American presenter Richard F. Ames, a face many viewers may recognize from the old World Tomorrow telecast, where he served as a presenter for several years after the death of the program’s first presenter, Herbert W. Armstrong. Along with its emphasis on Jesus Christ, the coming of His prophesied Kingdom, and its relevance for us today, the telecast has featured such timely topics as “The Collapse of World Order”, “The Marketing of Greed”, “Is Darwinism Dead?,” and “The Dangers of Social Media”.

Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint is a signature series of Canadian-content short videos, on subjects of historical and contemporary interest and on practical matters of daily life. Historical topics have ranged from “John A. MacDonald: the Patriot Statesman,” “The Halifax Explosion: What Is Courage?” and “Canada’s Personal Debt Crisis.” Contemporary subjects have included such topics as “Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion?,” “Violence in Schools,” and “Read to Your Children.”

Tomorrow’s World materials are produced by members of the Living Church of God, which has members on six continents in more than 350 congregations. Presiding Evangelist Gerald Weston is carrying on the leadership of the Church, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, the late Evangelist Roderick C. Meredith (1930–2017). Mr. Weston, ordained into the ministry of Jesus Christ in 1971 and ordained as an Evangelist in 2007, served as a Regional Director for the Church in Canada and Europe for several years before coming to Charlotte, North Carolina, to serve at the Church’s international Headquarters office. Evangelist Stuart I. Wachowicz currently serves as Regional Director for the Church in Canada, and as a Regional Editor and writer for the Tomorrow’s World magazine.

You may also want to join the hundreds of thousands of readers who subscribe to the full-color Tomorrow’s World magazine, absolutely free of charge. You may also read it online and explore our library of back issues. Of particular interest is the magazine’s regular “Oh Canada!” column which has featured such topics as “The Man Who Mapped Canada,” “Debtor Nation,” “Who Owns the North?,” and “Religion: Canada’s Four-Letter Word.”

For those whose first languages are Spanish or French, Tomorrow’s World makes materials available at ElMundoDeManana.org and MondeDomain.org. In addition to translated or subtitled versions of English-language programs, Tomorrow’s World telecasts are produced in Spanish by Evangelist Mario Hernandez, and in French by Elders Yvon Brochu and Wilner Pierre.

If you have questions about Tomorrow’s World, please contact the Regional Office nearest you or write to us via the online Contact Us form.