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Tomorrow's World Magazine      Jan - Feb 2017
Did Dinosaurs Kill God?
The fossil remains of dinosaurs and other creatures clearly point to life in an ancient past. But does this mean that the God described in the Bible does not exist?

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Canada: Reflections at 150
The year 2017 is set to be one of celebration and reflection across Canada. July 1 of this year will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the nation, when four provinces formed a confederation known as the Dominion of Canada. Events are planned across the country throughout the year to mark this milestone. It also serves as an opportunity to look back on Canada’s successes and failures over the past 150 years, and should prompt us to ask important questions, such as “How did we come to be where we are?” and “Where are we going?” Perhaps the most important might be “Is there a better alternative?”

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Armageddon and Beyond

By Richard F. Ames

Mankind is developing newer and more frightening technologies with which to destroy itself, while political and social tensions increase around the world. Will the years just ahead of us bring worldwide nuclear devastation, or usher in an era of lasting peace? Will the prophesied "Battle of Armageddon" soon bring destruction and death to our planet? What will "Armageddon" mean to you and your loved ones? And what will come afterward? Your Bible reveals a frightening time ahead—but there is ultimate hope! Read on, to learn the amazing truth!
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Christian Baptism

By Roderick C. Meredith

What do you see when you look at yourself? How badly do you personally need God's forgiveness? Do you really stand in need of a Savior? Perhaps you have already been baptized as a child, or even as an infant. Maybe you don't even remember the event. Is your baptism really valid and acceptable in God's sight? This is a truly vital question because your very salvation depends upon the answer!
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