TW Viewpoint | Right Sense of Reality

June 17, 2022 | Stephen Jokela

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It is a fact that human life consists of a limited amount of time and then it ends.

Society has tended to promote various goals one should strive for in life. This includes the accumulation of wealth and possessions, the achievement of status and recognition, and looking good in comparison to others i.e. maintaining or achieving physical attractiveness, beauty, and obtaining the latest in clothing styles and consumer products.

On the social side, acceptance by others and being well-liked is often desirable. Even though there is a greater emphasis on individuality today, it is surprising how the vast majority of people will tend to look and dress alike. Society also likes to promote the ideal that we need to be comfortable. We should not need to strive financially nor be made to feel troubled emotionally.

However, sometimes we need to step back and understand what truly matters. Are we being given a false sense of reality?

But is this so? Is the Earth just another lonely speck? Is there nothing special or unique about it?

Increasingly death is being promoted as the permanent end-of-it-all, as far as we individually are concerned. Even though there has been lots of speculation as to how human existence has come about, virtually no one dares to speculate what happens after death. Part of the reason is that science does not have anything to truly work with or study, regarding matters such as what follows afterwards.

Contrasting our life with eternity changes the equation of life considerably. Throughout human history, there has been considerable debate and multiple views regarding any potential afterlife. But most of these have arisen from outright theory and speculation. Is there anything that turns our perception of reality on its head, and positions our life against the backdrop of eternity?

Many people today are afraid of this forthcoming particular fact and are disturbed regarding its implications. Jesus Christ was recorded as rising from the dead and indicated that there is a life forever hereafter, provided we live and believe according to a certain set of guidelines. Noting these would make our lives quite different today. Jesus, the Son of God and having come from God with His message, turned the world upside down. The alternate reality that society portrays is a view that may not be of lasting value in the context of forever.

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