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The Church Behind the Tomorrow's World Telecast

People realize that Tomorrow's World telecast explains world events from a prophetic viewpoint, but they sometimes wonder: "Where did they get their ideas?" and "How can they afford to produce a telecast and send out literature free of charge?"

The answers are simple: the Tomorrow's World telecast is backed by the Living Church of God, which teaches the same truths you hear on the telecast - truths backed entirely by your Bible, not by the superstitions and fanciful misconceptions so common in religion today. The Church consists of thousands of generous individuals who faithfully give tithes and offerings to make this Work possible. They are joined by thousands of co-workers who, though not members of the Church, appreciate its message and want to do their part to help the Gospel of the Kingdom of God be preached to the world as a witness.

The Church is active in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, and in addition to the Tomorrow's World telecast sponsors similar programs in French and Spanish. The Church has scores of ordained ministers and more than 300 local congregations around the globe.

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Television Stations and Airing Schedule

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